New York Social Diary
Date: 2009-04-29
Author: jeffrey hirsch

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Author, jeffrey hirsch
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A steamy day on Fifth Avenue. 1:30 PM. Photo: JH. April 29, 2009. Yesterday was a very warm Spring day in New York. Some of the taxicabs already had their air-conditioning running. I went down to Michaels to have a birthday lunch with my old friend Beth DeWoody who is just back from her tenth trip to Cuba. Talking about our mutual acquaintances, the de Lesseps of Housewives fame, Beth reminded me that Alex, the now estranged husband of Countess LuAnn has an interest in a resort hotel in Havana where the beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Michaels was its crowded self and the star in the room was Evander Holyfield, who looks more like a movie star than the world heavyweight champion that he is: handsome, very tall and impec...(read more)
... A steamy day on Fifth Avenue. 1:30 PM. Photo: JH. April 29, 2009. Yesterday was a very warm Spring day in New York. Some of the taxicabs already had their air-conditioning running. I went down to Michaels to have a birthday lunch with my old friend B ...
... are this years Honorary Chairs, after years of getting it all together. He also introduced Mr. Kirschbaum who introduced K. Anthony Appiah, the London born Ghanaian philosopher, cultural theorist and novelist who is currently the Laurance S. Rockefel ...
... and Tim Braun Isaac Mizrahi and Pamela Fiori Alexandra Trower and John Lindsey Beth Thomas Cohen, Satu Greenberg, Beth Stern, and Celeste Greenberg Alisa Nontoya, Kim Toro, Pamela Cohen, and Jasmine Marrero Matthew and Nina Quigley Robin, Alan, and ...

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