New York Social Diary
Date: 2009-09-23
Author: jeffrey hirsch

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Author, jeffrey hirsch
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Mentioned, Debbie Bancroft
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Looking north towards the Empire State Building from 15th Street and Sixth Avenue. 12:45 PM. Photo: JH. September 23, 2009. Warm first of autumn day in New York with rainclouds threatening and grey clouds promising, but nevertheless no rain. The story in New York is the traffic because its UN Week. Groan. Actually the story is logjam, not traffic. On one block on East 48th Street, for example, the entire block was in lockdown (not uncommon elsewhere on the East Side) because Muammar Gaddafi is/was staying at his embassy. A neighbor on the block, standing on the stoop of her brownstone reported: about two hundred men in bow ties, shiny suits and many wearing porkpie hats walk by, reminding me of Malcolm X in appearance ... most of them texti...(read more)
... Looking north towards the Empire State Building from 15th Street and Sixth Avenue. 12:45 PM. Photo: JH. September 23, 2009. Warm first of autumn day in New York with rainclouds threatening and grey clouds promising, but nevertheless no rain. The stor ...
... Billy Joel, Lori Singer, Matt Haimovitz, and Alec Baldwin, Gala Co-Chair New York Philharmonic Board Member Alan S. MacDonald and Christina MacDonald Joan and Sandy Weill New York Philharmonic President and Executive Director Zarin Mehta and Carmen ...

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