New York Social Diary
Date: 2009-11-13
Author: Richard

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Author, Richard
Mentioned, Patrick McMullan
Mentioned, Laura Smith
Mentioned, William Ivey Long
Mentioned, Gerry Goldsmith
Mentioned, Geoffrey Bradfield
Mentioned, Barbara Bancroft
Mentioned, Victoria Wyman
Mentioned, Grace Meigher
Mentioned, Jamee Gregory
Mentioned, Peter Gregory
Mentioned, Barbara de Portago
Mentioned, Margaret Russell
Mentioned, Elizabeth Stribling
Mentioned, Tracey Emin
Mentioned, David Remfry
Mentioned, Lisa Phillips
Mentioned, Fernanda Kellogg
Mentioned, Wendy Vanderbilt
Mentioned, Kirk Henckels
Mentioned, Pierre Durand
Mentioned, Mary McFadden
Mentioned, Juan Montoya
Mentioned, Sibel Mermelstein
Mentioned, Sharon Bush
Mentioned, Jill Spalding
Mentioned, Patti Kim
Mentioned, Philip Gorrivan
Mentioned, Reinaldo Herrera
Mentioned, Princess Alexandra
Mentioned, Stanley Scott
Mentioned, Bill Hamilton
Mentioned, Charlie Scheips
Mentioned, Margo Langenberg
Mentioned, Robert Tartarini
Mentioned, Jamie Figg
Mentioned, Mary Hilliard
Mentioned, John Richardson
Mentioned, Jeff Koons
Mentioned, Susanna Salk
Mentioned, Charlotte Moss
Mentioned, Scott Snyder
Mentioned, Eddie Ross
Mentioned, Ralph Lauren
Mentioned, Tara Lipton
Mentioned, Jillian Sackler
Mentioned, Charles Diker
Mentioned, Spiros Milonas
Mentioned, Kathleen Hearst
Mentioned, Bobette Cohn
Mentioned, Roric Tobin
Mentioned, Guy Robinson
Mentioned, Raul Suarez
Mentioned, Ann Nitze
Mentioned, Patricia Patterson
Mentioned, Donald Sultan
Mentioned, Alison Mazzola
Mentioned, Jonathan Tish
Mentioned, John Singleton
Mentioned, Christina Juarez
Mentioned, Wendy Vanderbilt Lehman
Mentioned, Frank Wyman
Mentioned, Marilyn White
Mentioned, Charlene Nederlander
Mentioned, Gillian Attfield
Mentioned, Deborah Buck
Mentioned, Mark Freitas
Mentioned, Matthew Talomie
Mentioned, Annabelle Mariaca
Mentioned, Robert Nederlander
Mentioned, Konrad Keesee
Mentioned, Renee Wood
Mentioned, Paul Huxley
Mentioned, Irene Aitken
Mentioned, Alex Papachristidis
Mentioned, Christopher Buck
Mentioned, Janis Altman
Mentioned, Frank Gehry
Mentioned, Richard Horowitz
Mentioned, Joel Bell
Mentioned, Marife Hernandez
Mentioned, Maureen Footer
Mentioned, Michael Weaver
Mentioned, Hugh Hildesley
Mentioned, Bob Hardwick
Mentioned, James Kaufman
Mentioned, Allen Jones
Mentioned, Andrew Goodwin
Mentioned, Madeline Weinrib
Mentioned, Dame Jillian Sackler
Mentioned, Patty Kim
Mentioned, Joanna Kornfeld
Mentioned, Andrew Frankel
Mentioned, Martin Sullivan
Mentioned, Harlan Saroken
Mentioned, Susan Block Casdin
Mentioned, Morgan Hertzan
Mentioned, William Ivy Long
Mentioned, Neil Edwards
Mentioned, Kaye Greenberg
Mentioned, Lisa Silverman
Mentioned, Zita Davisson
Mentioned, Dr. Jeff Dello Russo
Mentioned, Richard Long
Mentioned, Alexis Smith
Mentioned, Ann Hamilton
Mentioned, Sue Dalsemer
Mentioned, Bruce Shostak
Mentioned, Ben Benoit
Mentioned, Heather Davis
Mentioned, Gaetana Enders
Mentioned, Aurore Ankarcrona
Mentioned, Pumpkin Patch
Mentioned, Robert Grossman
Mentioned, Fruzsina Keehn
Mentioned, Peter Baer
Mentioned, Charles Saumarez Smith
Mentioned, Sharon Casdin
Mentioned, Laurie Block
Mentioned, Jennifer Berman
Mentioned, Daniel Erem
Mentioned, Ed Gallagher
Mentioned, Ann Downey
Mentioned, Charlotte Bleckman
Mentioned, Elbrun Kimmelman
Mentioned, Bob Hardwick Sound
Mentioned, Elizabeth de Kergorlay
Mentioned, Eric Piasecki
Mentioned, Jaithan Kochar
Mentioned, Candace Beinecke
Mentioned, Mrs. Frank
Mentioned, Katie Marx
Mentioned, Steven Jaffe
Mentioned, Kelly Kennedy Mack
Mentioned, Harlan Fabrikant Saroken
Mentioned, Sara Gore
Mentioned, Mary Freitas
Mentioned, Pat Cook
Mentioned, Jeff Dello Russo
Mentioned, Bill Diamond
Mentioned, Todd Sollis
Mentioned, Mark Jansen
Mentioned, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Mentioned, Kitty Ockenden
Mentioned, James Slaughter
Mentioned, Element New York
Mentioned, Gallery at Buck House
Mentioned, Royal Academy of Arts
Mentioned, Ralph Lauren
Mentioned, NYU Medical Center
Mentioned, Charlotte Moss
Mentioned, Buck House
Mentioned, Elle Decor
Mentioned, Club Colette
Here's a nice little article about Slings & Arrows, the great Canadian TV dramedy about a Shakespeare Theatre Festival (I know, I know) that's rerunning again on the Sundance Channel. Watch it. Kids In the Hall alum! [NYT]...(read more)
... Here's a nice little article about Slings & Arrows, the great Canadian TV dramedy about a Shakespeare Theatre Festival (I know, I know) that's rerunning again on the Sundance Channel. Watch it. Kids In the Hall alum! [NYT] ...

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