Date: 2010-02-05
Author: Adrian Chen

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Author, Adrian Chen
Mentioned, Jon Stewart
Mentioned, The Huffington Post
Mentioned, Mediaite
We are surprised this didn't happen sooner. Jon Stewart and The Daily Show spoofed political blogs and their love of pageview-generating hyperbole. They made fun of the Huffington Post and Mediaite and the Daily Kos. But not us. (Wah.) Things got meta as Stewart used his O'Reilly appearance as an opportunity to make fun of the blogosphere that is right now blowing up this same O'Reilly appearance into an epic clash that would make a battle between actual, immortal Greek Titans seem like a Rock-'em-Sock-'em-Robots match. It was very funny, though we couldn't help but feel slighted that out of the dozens of shouty headlines the segment 'destroyed' there wasn't a single Gawker one in there. Hey, The Daily Show, you know we use absurd hyperbol...(read more)

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