New York Social Diary
Date: 2010-10-27
Author: Jeffrey Hirsch

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Author, Jeffrey Hirsch
Mentioned, Adele Chatfield-Taylor
Mentioned, Felicia Taylor
Mentioned, Ghislaine Maxwell
Mentioned, Debbie Bancroft
Mentioned, Kim Hicks
Mentioned, Susan Sarandon
Mentioned, Bettina Zilkha
Mentioned, Patty Raynes
Mentioned, Michael Cominotto
Mentioned, Muffie Potter Aston
Mentioned, Denise Rich
Mentioned, Andrea Stark
Mentioned, Elizabeth Stribling
Mentioned, Cece Black
Mentioned, Sylvester Miniter
Mentioned, Bob Cochran
Mentioned, Judy Gordon
Mentioned, Michele Herbert
Mentioned, Colin Cowie
Mentioned, Petra Nemcova
Mentioned, Jane Seymour
Mentioned, Moises de la Renta
Mentioned, Dennis Basso
Mentioned, John Stossel
Mentioned, Dana Hammond Stubgen
Mentioned, Arden Wohl
Mentioned, Maria Bello
Mentioned, Bill Cunningham
Mentioned, Margo Langenberg
Mentioned, Kipton Cronkite
Mentioned, David Lauren
Mentioned, Larry Herbert
Mentioned, Chele Chiavacci
Mentioned, Luis Mora
Mentioned, Peter Davis
Mentioned, Hilary Gumbel
Mentioned, Alexandra Lebenthal
Mentioned, Sally Field
Mentioned, Nazee Moinian
Mentioned, Jeff Tarr
Mentioned, Ally Sheedy
Mentioned, Ken Landis
Mentioned, Tom Finn
Mentioned, Bill Finneran
Mentioned, Aga Khan
Mentioned, Phil Witt
Mentioned, Laurie Anderson
Mentioned, Heather McDowell
Mentioned, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan
Mentioned, Greg Heyman
Mentioned, James Benenson
Mentioned, Tom Gates
Mentioned, Naeem Khan
Mentioned, Julie Smith
Mentioned, Ulla van Zeller
Mentioned, Roseanne Cash
Mentioned, Ana Blank
Mentioned, Ranjana Khan
Mentioned, Somaly Mam
Mentioned, Gordon Cox
Mentioned, Emeril Lagasse
Mentioned, Della Rounick
Mentioned, Tia Walker
Mentioned, Jean Shafiroff
Mentioned, Mercedes Abramo
Mentioned, Michael Martin
Mentioned, Frank Sinatra
Mentioned, John Kluge
Mentioned, DJ Tom Finn
Mentioned, Laurie Simmons
Mentioned, Josie Hines
Mentioned, Judy Angelo
Mentioned, Eli Casdin
Mentioned, Jennifer Haythe
Mentioned, Marlyne Sexton
Mentioned, Julie Wurts
Mentioned, Corrente Schankler
Mentioned, Starlight Orchestra
Mentioned, Nico Muhly
Mentioned, Michael McGowan
Mentioned, Judy Gordon Cox
Mentioned, John Oates
Mentioned, Roland Berger
Mentioned, Cheryl Grosso
Mentioned, Bryce Gruber
Mentioned, Stuart Subotnick
Mentioned, Francesca Hammerstein
Mentioned, Laura Heery Prozes
Mentioned, Andy Prozes
Mentioned, Alexa Winner
Mentioned, Ariane Daguin
Mentioned, Ann Watt
Mentioned, Zilkha
Mentioned, Alice Kandell
Mentioned, Amy Tarr
Mentioned, Anthony Ledru
Mentioned, Emily Fincke
Mentioned, Finn Hearst
Mentioned, Lebenthal
Mentioned, Robert Rigby-Hall
Mentioned, Dr. Kevin Plancher
Mentioned, Lauren Bush Lauren
Mentioned, Central Park Conservancy
Mentioned, Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
Mentioned, Cartier
Mentioned, Dennis Basso
Mentioned, Naeem Khan
Mentioned, Hermes
Mentioned, The Whitney Museum of American Art
Mentioned, The American Academy in Rome
Mentioned, Capitale
Mentioned, ESPACE
A Haunted House on 74th Street between Fifth and Madison. 3:00 PM. Photo: JH. Wednesday, October 27, 2010. A perfect, warm, sunny Autumn day in New York. The foliage turned in the past two or three days, adding to the excitement of the season. It was also a perfect evening for going out and from the looks of the calendar, there were a lot of New Yorkers on the town. Such as: The Associates Committee of the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House hosted their annual dinner dance beginning with cocktails at Tiffanys followed by dinner and dancing at 21. Up on Madison Avenue and 75th Street, the Whitney Museum of American Art was holding its annual gala benefit and after party. This is always a big, festive, black tie party with hundreds attending. Whil...(read more)
... A Haunted House on 74th Street between Fifth and Madison. 3:00 PM. Photo: JH. Wednesday, October 27, 2010. A perfect, warm, sunny Autumn day in New York. The foliage turned in the past two or three days, adding to the excitement of the season. It was ...
... President Laurie Anderson, Cabaret Curator Laurie Simmons, Video Curator, hosted the Academys 2nd annual Cabaret 2010. There were performances by: Laurie Anderson, Lisa Bielawa, Don Byron, Molissa Fenley, John Kelly, Nico Muhly, David Sanford, and th ...
... laughing, Somers Farkas' backside. Model in a Naeem Khan getting the fashion once over from designer Kim Hicks and friend. Lebenthal">Alexandra Lebenthal, who chaired last years gala, took the podium and talked about her own experience with the dread illness: h ...
... making her way across the dance floor Dennis Basso and Michael Cominotto. Andrea Stark with a friend. Lucia Hwong Gordon and Tom Gates. Averil Meyer, my Facebook friend. Judy Gordon Cox. That was the Galas message. A harsh one, set in this most ma ...

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