New York Social Diary
Date: 2011-03-10
Author: Jeffrey Hirsch

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Author, Jeffrey Hirsch
Mentioned, Ana Meier
Mentioned, Debbie Bancroft
Mentioned, Randy Kemper
Mentioned, Stephanie Stokes
Mentioned, Tony Ingrao
Mentioned, Marcia Mishaan
Mentioned, Mario Buatta
Mentioned, Celerie Kemble
Mentioned, Peter Lyden
Mentioned, Peter Gregory
Mentioned, Margaret Russell
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Mentioned, Fernanda Kellogg
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Mentioned, The Armory Show
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Mentioned, Metropolitan Club
Mentioned, Park Avenue Armory
Mentioned, The Armory
Mentioned, Lee Jofa
A tender scene in Central Park. 2:20 PM. Photo: JH. Thursday, March 10, 2011. Not so cold. I went out last night without a coat over my suit, grabbed a cab at my door that took me to the entrance of the Metropolitan Club on 60th and Fifth. Last night was Mario Buattas night in New York. If you dont know Mario, let me tell you that in a certain world, and actually a rather wide one, everybody knows who you mean if you just say Mario. Like Garbo. Or Elvis. Or Pavarotti. Or Pagliacci himself. For Mario is a great character, a mobile mise en scene. Hes comedic and hes a prince. Prince of Chintz. The one and only Mario. Now do you know who I mean? Mario Buatta is one of the most famous American interior decorators of his time which is now and a...(read more)
... A tender scene in Central Park. 2:20 PM. Photo: JH. Thursday, March 10, 2011. Not so cold. I went out last night without a coat over my suit, grabbed a cab at my door that took me to the entrance of the Metropolitan Club on 60th and Fifth. Last night ...
... Amy and Patti Lau, BettyLaudreth, Jerry Lauren, Cindy Prasnal, Scott Prentiss, Mr. and Mrs. Lebenthal">James Lebenthal, Sarah Smith, Cheryl Tague, Brigitta Williamson, Joao Magalhaes, Mary Ann Mahar, Allison and Laurent Levasseur, Debbie Bancroft, ...
... Larry Lederman and Kitty Hawks, John Loeb and Sharon Handler, Mary Ellen and Richard Oldenberg, Princ Dimitri, Mary Jane Pool, Jennifer Post, Clare Potter, Judy and Peter Price, Christina Juarez, Cheri Kaufman, Philip Gorrivan, Katie Sherwood, Michae ...
... and Tony Ingrao, Margaret Kennedy, Celerie Kemble, Drew McGukin. Renee Morrison. The elephant in the dining room. Randy Kemper and Tony Ingrao. John Loeb and Sharno Handler. As well as: Tessa Kennedy, Bunny Williams, Tracey Pruzon, Ellie Cullman, Car ...
... . Marilyn White, Patricia and Michael Sovern, Bill Stubbs, Becky Smith, Ralph Gardner. And hundreds more, just like em. Heigh-ho the Mario! Joan Kron. Elizabeth Pyne. Kitty Hawks. Jamie Figg, Pat Altschul, and Mario Buatta. Enter your email addres ...

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