New York Social Diary
Date: 2011-10-24
Author: Jeffrey Hirsch

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Author, Jeffrey Hirsch
Mentioned, Kathy Rayner
Mentioned, Patrick McMullan
Mentioned, Emilia Fanjul
Mentioned, Simon Phillips
Mentioned, Geoffrey Bradfield
Mentioned, Mario Buatta
Mentioned, Amy Fine Collins
Mentioned, Grace Meigher
Mentioned, Jamee Gregory
Mentioned, Peter Gregory
Mentioned, Mary Davidson
Mentioned, Coco Kopelman
Mentioned, Gillian Miniter
Mentioned, Cece Black
Mentioned, Devon Aoki
Mentioned, Fernanda Kellogg
Mentioned, Brian Stewart
Mentioned, Stephanie Krieger
Mentioned, Wendy Carduner
Mentioned, Heather Leeds
Mentioned, Kathleen Giordano
Mentioned, Arie Kopelman
Mentioned, Kirk Henckels
Mentioned, Polly Onet
Mentioned, Tory Burch
Mentioned, Cator Sparks
Mentioned, Jill Spalding
Mentioned, Ellie Cullman
Mentioned, Bruce Lazarus
Mentioned, Lisa Rosen
Mentioned, Lisa McCarthy
Mentioned, John Glass
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Mentioned, Deborah Royce
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Mentioned, Suzette Smith
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Mentioned, Janna Bullock
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Mentioned, Nancy Coffey
Mentioned, Alan Salz
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Mentioned, Carol Prisant
Mentioned, Wendy Moonan
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Mentioned, Elizabeth Miller
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Mentioned, Dr. Dino Rivera
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Mentioned, Kayla Shannon
Mentioned, Carswell Rush Berlin
Mentioned, Ellie Shushan
Mentioned, Sheley Rettenmaier
Mentioned, Art and Antiques
Mentioned, The Terrace
Mentioned, Tory Burch
Mentioned, Living Things
Mentioned, John Rosselli
Mentioned, Park Avenue Armory
Mentioned, Hanley
Mentioned, The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
A dreamy Sunday afternoon in Riverside Park. 4:30 PM. Photo: JH. Monday, October 24, 2011. Fair weather weekend with cool autumn air turning chill at night. The weatherman has been off with his projections of very cold weather but Saturday I brought in most of plants from the terrace (except for the impatiens which dont make it through the winter in an apartment with not a lot of light). Its a bit obsessive but Im one of those people who wants to save all living things, if possible. I know I know. It comes from my California days when everything grew year round and you could practically root a broomstick by putting it into the ground. Fall flowering in Riverside Park. The social/gala season was really pumped up last week with more parties t...(read more)
... A dreamy Sunday afternoon in Riverside Park. 4:30 PM. Photo: JH. Monday, October 24, 2011. Fair weather weekend with cool autumn air turning chill at night. The weatherman has been off with his projections of very cold weather but Saturday I brought ...

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