New York Social Diary
Date: 2011-10-27
Author: Jeffrey Hirsch

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Author, Jeffrey Hirsch
Mentioned, Simon Doonan
Mentioned, Geoffrey Bradfield
Mentioned, Mario Buatta
Mentioned, Nicole Miller
Mentioned, Mark Gilbertson
Mentioned, Robert Couturier
Mentioned, Fern Mallis
Mentioned, Catherine Saxton
Mentioned, Lavinia Snyder
Mentioned, Gillian Miniter
Mentioned, Ellen Graham
Mentioned, Miles Redd
Mentioned, James Lipton
Mentioned, Wendy Vanderbilt
Mentioned, Barry Diller
Mentioned, Jo Carole Lauder
Mentioned, Leslie Stevens
Mentioned, Ted Hartley
Mentioned, Deb Shriver
Mentioned, Pierre Durand
Mentioned, Gerry Byrne
Mentioned, Oscar de la Renta
Mentioned, Hugh Bush
Mentioned, Nina Griscom
Mentioned, Alexandra Schlesinger
Mentioned, Jill Spalding
Mentioned, Doug Cramer
Mentioned, Stephen Elrod
Mentioned, Alice Tisch
Mentioned, Ashleigh Banfield
Mentioned, Bonnie Fuller
Mentioned, Thomas Jayne
Mentioned, Liz Smith
Mentioned, Friederike Biggs
Mentioned, Daisy Soros
Mentioned, Paula Zahn
Mentioned, Alex Hitz
Mentioned, Charlotte Moss
Mentioned, Henry Schleiff
Mentioned, Emily Eerdmans
Mentioned, Rob Weisbach
Mentioned, Laurie Bodor
Mentioned, Steven Stolman
Mentioned, Jonathan Adler
Mentioned, Wendy Vanderbilt Lehman
Mentioned, Aga Khan
Mentioned, Guy Barbarulo
Mentioned, Elizabeth Hartnett
Mentioned, Louis Bofferding
Mentioned, Chris Drago
Mentioned, Annabelle Mariaca
Mentioned, George McNeely
Mentioned, Diane Clehane
Mentioned, Cher
Mentioned, Patricia Cisneros
Mentioned, Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel
Mentioned, Carol Mack
Mentioned, Peter Bacanovic
Mentioned, Paula Wagner
Mentioned, Dari Marder
Mentioned, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill
Mentioned, Bonnie Burnham
Mentioned, Katie Lydon
Mentioned, Karen Klopp
Mentioned, Louise Grunwald
Mentioned, Renny Reynolds
Mentioned, Barbaralee Diamonstein
Mentioned, Maureen Footer
Mentioned, Mitch Owens
Mentioned, Cindy Lewis
Mentioned, Kristen Krusen
Mentioned, Amanda Essex
Mentioned, Julie Cohen
Mentioned, Jonelle Procope
Mentioned, Jeri Rovsek
Mentioned, Juan Pablo Molyneux
Mentioned, Ann Pyne
Mentioned, Gina de Givenchy
Mentioned, Mark Rosenthal
Mentioned, Valerie Ohrstrom
Mentioned, Stan Shuman
Mentioned, Jeanne Jones
Mentioned, Maria Parasugo
Mentioned, Ashley Hicks
Mentioned, Carol Stern
Mentioned, Tom Goodman
Mentioned, Freddie Gershon
Mentioned, Larry Kudlow
Mentioned, Pauline Metcalf
Mentioned, Bruce Crawford
Mentioned, James Cohen
Mentioned, Roger Ailes
Mentioned, Patrick Gallagher
Mentioned, Kathy Lacey
Mentioned, Peter Pennoyer
Mentioned, Irene Roosevelt Aiken
Mentioned, Barbaralee Diamonstein Spielvogel
Mentioned, Hannah Buchan
Mentioned, Joyce Johnson
Mentioned, Joanne King
Mentioned, Carolyn Englefield
Mentioned, Andrew Ross
Mentioned, Alexandra Coolidge
Mentioned, Heather Thomson
Mentioned, Melissa Gagen
Mentioned, Thomas Kligerman
Mentioned, Roberta Sandeman
Mentioned, Tom Tisch
Mentioned, Andrew Ross Sorkin
Mentioned, Ralph Harvard
Mentioned, Brian White
Mentioned, Maryse Thomas
Mentioned, Tod Romano
Mentioned, Sammons
Mentioned, Noreen Dodge
Mentioned, Terry Tamminen
Mentioned, Anne Fairfax
Mentioned, Katie Ridder
Mentioned, David Hicks
Mentioned, Remmel
Mentioned, Alison Pincus
Mentioned, Richard Lipton
Mentioned, Christina Gee
Mentioned, Mickey Ateyeh
Mentioned, Wayne Kabak
Mentioned, Conor Mahony
Mentioned, Craig Cogut
Mentioned, Carole Lauder
Mentioned, Caroline Firestone
Mentioned, Sean Sawyer
Mentioned, Tracy Dart
Mentioned, Herbert Camp
Mentioned, James Kinney
Mentioned, Tom Savage
Mentioned, Henrietta
Mentioned, David Sanford
Mentioned, Regina Rich
Mentioned, Jack Bochonok
Mentioned, Porcelain
Mentioned, Simon Jenkins
Mentioned, OBE
Mentioned, Joanne King Herring
Mentioned, Alisa Tugberk
Mentioned, Jorge de Pablo
Mentioned, Irene Roosevelt Aitken
Mentioned, Architectural Digest
Mentioned, Christies
Mentioned, Nicole Miller
Mentioned, Nina Griscom
Mentioned, Oscar de La Renta
Mentioned, Rizzoli
Mentioned, World Monuments Fund
Mentioned, Charlotte Moss
Mentioned, Jonathan Adler
Mentioned, Milliken
Mentioned, Panache
Mentioned, Metropolitan Club
Mentioned, Givenchy
Mentioned, Ruffino
Mentioned, TED
A pigeon and a Golden Retriever lock eyes. 2:45 PM. Photo: JH. Thursday, OctOBEr 27, 2011. Fair, occasionally cloudy, not cold not warm. The weatherman is predicting all kinds of wet rain, snow, cold, but that remains to be seen. On Monday I had a lunch date that was canceled the day before because my lunch partner had a low level bronchitis which made him cough a lot. I completely understood. Yesterday I went to the doc with similar symptoms and found I had much the same thing. Its going around, the doc told me. So yesterday I stayed home also. I wonder if you can catch it through email? Word on the street. Those black and white babies of East End Avenue. Despite my stay-at-home status, life went on, ooblah-dee-ooblah-dah, as the Beatles ...(read more)
... A pigeon and a Golden Retriever lock eyes. 2:45 PM. Photo: JH. Thursday, OctOBEr 27, 2011. Fair, occasionally cloudy, not cold not warm. The weatherman is predicting all kinds of wet rain, snow, cold, but that remains to be seen. On Monday I had a l ...
... were among the fashionable flock at Charlotte Mosss table, along with Emily Eerdmans, Thomas Jayne, and Miles Redd of Oscar de la Renta Home. The Prince of Chintz himself, Mario Buatta, reigned nearby, while Mitch Owens of Architectural Digest held ...

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