New York Social Diary
Date: 2011-10-31
Author: Jeffrey Hirsch

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Author, Jeffrey Hirsch
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The view into Central Park at 72nd Street and FIfth Avenue. Saturday, 2:00 PM. Photo: JH. Monday, October 31, 2011. Driving snow and winds came to town on Saturday just as the weatherman said. It was fortunate that the storm came on a Saturday for all the obvious reasons. From fair autumn weather in the days before, we were transformed into wintry wild. By late afternoon, the rain mixed in with the white stuff and washed much of it away and turned the rest into slush. Saturday afternoon ... Lucky for us New Yorkers because our neighbors to the west and northwest --- New Jersey and central and eastern Connecticut really got hit. Friends in Litchfield County reported 10 inches by early afternoon and by the end of the day thousands were withou...(read more)
... The view into Central Park at 72nd Street and FIfth Avenue. Saturday, 2:00 PM. Photo: JH. Monday, October 31, 2011. Driving snow and winds came to town on Saturday just as the weatherman said. It was fortunate that the storm came on a Saturday for al ...
... and on and on. Of course the Rivers signature humor kicked in with everyone cracking up in uncontrollable laughter over some of those tales that intrigued and fascinated her. But when Joan ended, she was in tears. Everyone was enthralled. After that ...
... Jamee and Peter Gregory, Audrey Gruss, Earl and Carol Mack, Mr. and Mrs John Paulson, Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill (the duke's brother), Sir David Tang, Deborah Norville and Karl Wellner, Virginia Melghado, Barbie Bancroft, Jeff and Liz Peek, Karen ...

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