Date: 2012-03-01
Author: Hamilton Nolan

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Author, Hamilton Nolan
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The message boards of are home to some of the most self-loathing, wealthy, haughty, and miserable parents in all of America. Or are they? Even to our keen internet eyes, it is sometimes impossible to tell whether an UrbanBaby poster is a rich person, or a troll impersonating a rich person. Can you help? Countless examples abound. We've picked five representatives, from various recent money-related threads. Rich Person... or Troll? You decide. 1) Stop with the nonsense, $600K is poor Thread topic: "Does no one understand what the actual definition of "poverty" is? I get that an HHI of $200K or $250K can feel like it isn't going very far in NY, but how can people come on this board and claim that they feel impoverished at that i...(read more)

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