New York Social Diary
Date: 2012-05-04
Author: Jeffrey Hirsch

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Author, Jeffrey Hirsch
Mentioned, Bennett Weinstock
Mentioned, William Ivey Long
Mentioned, Frederick Anderson
Mentioned, Tiffany Dubin
Mentioned, Anki Leeds
Mentioned, Geoffrey Bradfield
Mentioned, Mario Buatta
Mentioned, Mark Gilbertson
Mentioned, Duane Hampton
Mentioned, Audrey Gruss
Mentioned, Amy Fine Collins
Mentioned, Robert Couturier
Mentioned, Celerie Kemble
Mentioned, Coco Kopelman
Mentioned, Ivanka Trump
Mentioned, Alexandra Lind Rose
Mentioned, Miles Redd
Mentioned, Hilary Geary Ross
Mentioned, Laura Linney
Mentioned, Sylvain Gaboury
Mentioned, Tom Ott
Mentioned, Marcie Pantzer
Mentioned, Donald Tober
Mentioned, Marjorie Reed Gordon
Mentioned, Wilbur Ross
Mentioned, Ellie Cullman
Mentioned, Jonathan Farkas
Mentioned, Steven Gambrel
Mentioned, Edward Mirsepahi
Mentioned, Lisa McCarthy
Mentioned, Brian McCarthy
Mentioned, Stacy McLaughlin
Mentioned, Bunny Williams
Mentioned, Arlene Alda
Mentioned, Daisy Soros
Mentioned, Eugenie Niven
Mentioned, Marc Schauer
Mentioned, Helen Hunt
Mentioned, Georgina Schaeffer
Mentioned, Michael Franks
Mentioned, Mary Rodgers
Mentioned, Kim Beaty
Mentioned, Adam Guettel
Mentioned, Stephen Sondheim
Mentioned, Barbara Regna
Mentioned, Diane Fisher
Mentioned, Joseph Polisi
Mentioned, Chuck Scarborough
Mentioned, Roric Tobin
Mentioned, Donna Murphy
Mentioned, Eleanora Kennedy
Mentioned, Patti LuPone
Mentioned, John Roselli
Mentioned, Raul Suarez
Mentioned, Darren Henault
Mentioned, Joyce Moss
Mentioned, Ruth Fleischmann
Mentioned, Libby Fitzgerald
Mentioned, Peter Jones
Mentioned, Christina Murphy
Mentioned, Kate Allen
Mentioned, Leslie Heaney
Mentioned, Andrew Heaney
Mentioned, Robert Stilin
Mentioned, Peter Duchin
Mentioned, John Rosselli
Mentioned, Claudia Overstrom
Mentioned, Scott Nelson
Mentioned, Boyd Gaines
Mentioned, Hermes Mallea
Mentioned, Ann Maine
Mentioned, John Robshaw
Mentioned, Vicente Wolf
Mentioned, Jim Freeman
Mentioned, Mary Rodgers Guettel
Mentioned, Wendy Moonan
Mentioned, Barbara Cook
Mentioned, Alex Papachristidis
Mentioned, Annette Rickel
Mentioned, Beth Kojima
Mentioned, Bruce Kovner
Mentioned, Harry Heissmann
Mentioned, Peter Kimmelman
Mentioned, Jim Houghton
Mentioned, John Kander
Mentioned, Noel Jeffrey
Mentioned, Jared Kushner
Mentioned, Dr. Peter Scardino
Mentioned, Dr. Howard Scher
Mentioned, Bruce Bierman
Mentioned, Maria Villalba
Mentioned, Roger Horchow
Mentioned, Dennis Karr
Mentioned, Mary Louise Wilson
Mentioned, Holly Hunt
Mentioned, Luke Parker Bowles
Mentioned, John Hall
Mentioned, Michael Bruno
Mentioned, Ann Mott
Mentioned, Jean Shafiroff
Mentioned, Jamie Bernstein
Mentioned, Todd Black
Mentioned, Dr. Howard
Mentioned, Louise Wilson
Mentioned, Elizabeth Polisi
Mentioned, Tom Kempner
Mentioned, Larry Kaiser
Mentioned, Martha Webster
Mentioned, Bob Israel
Mentioned, Joe Moinian
Mentioned, June Dyson
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Mentioned, Graham Parker
Mentioned, Faith Prince
Mentioned, Sarah Jessica Parker
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Mentioned, Benjamin Bradley
Mentioned, Dr. Annette Rickel
Mentioned, Charles Mott
Mentioned, Melanie Friedman
Mentioned, Carlton Hobbs
Mentioned, Missy Falchi
Mentioned, Eric Stern
Mentioned, Horchow
Mentioned, Peter Scardino
Mentioned, Cathy Whitlock
Mentioned, Timothy Van Dam
Mentioned, Terry Fitzgerald
Mentioned, Rachel Lee
Mentioned, wife Julie
Mentioned, Linda Arnone
Mentioned, Bill Donovan
Mentioned, Ron Wagner
Mentioned, Judi Flom
Mentioned, Queen Elizabeth II
Mentioned, Phil Scanlan
Mentioned, Mirsepahi
Mentioned, Albert Stephenson
Mentioned, Heather Leads
Mentioned, Allison Hennessy
Mentioned, Juilliard School
Mentioned, Mitchell Kline
Mentioned, Stephen Wadsworth
Mentioned, Francesca Faridany
Mentioned, Duchin
Mentioned, Doris Athineos
Mentioned, Gilbertson
Mentioned, Susie Kovner
Mentioned, Howard Scher
Mentioned, Art and Antiques
Mentioned, ASPCA
Mentioned, Sotheby's
Mentioned, The Juilliard School
Mentioned, The Metropolitan Opera
Mentioned, Hennessy
Mentioned, Hermes
Mentioned, John Rosselli
Mentioned, Stephenson
Mentioned, Vicente Wolf
Mentioned, Park Avenue Armory
Mentioned, TED
Mentioned, 1stdibs
Mentioned, Honor
A scene being shot for While Collar, on the corner of 85th Street and Central Park West. 8:30 PM. Photo: JH. Friday, May 4, 2012. Mild and overcast, in the 50s. The biggest Full Moon of the year is due over the weekend. Nicknamed Supermoon, it will be closer than usual to the Earth on Saturday if the sky is clear. The moons proximity will exert 42% more tidal force, and the moon will be 16% brighter. It has notable astrological significance better explained by someone who knows about those things. This was a very active week in New York from Monday on. As active as my calendar seems (even to me), its just a slice of social life in the city. There were many events I missed, many I wasnt aware of, as well as all those commercial/social events...(read more)
... A scene being shot for While Collar, on the corner of 85th Street and Central Park West. 8:30 PM. Photo: JH. Friday, May 4, 2012. Mild and overcast, in the 50s. The biggest Full Moon of the year is due over the weekend. Nicknamed Supermoon, it will b ...
... Mario Buatta, and Bruce Bierman. Bunny Williams and John Rosselli. Jonathan Farkas, Somers Farkas, and Linda Arnone. Steven Gambrell and Barbara Ryd. Hillary Geary Ross and Wilbur Ross. Jake Dwyer, John Robshaw, and Todd Black. Carlton Hobbs. Nichola ...
... Stephen Wadsworth, Francesca Faridany, and Dr. Joseph Polisi Photographs by (Spring Show); Sylvain Gaboury/ (SMSKCC); Nan Melville (Mary Rodgers). Comments? Contact DPC here. ...

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